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SMILEY-D lyrics : "Memory Lane ft. Apoc"

Yeah. Yo big mike, I like this type of stuff right here man. Came a long ways bruh, let me talk.


Back down memory lane (4x)

Smiley D

I look back when I was growing as a kid
Struggling financially, rats and roaches in the crib
Older cousins gang banged with them toasters on they hip

But I was just a youngin and my focus wasn't there
I was busy doing flips and fighting with my best friend
Then a couple hours later, we best friends again

Riding my bike, pocket full of quarters, dimes, and nickels
Head to Mr. Victors' buying tootie fruities and some pickles
East side crispy king chicken to the gristle

Wearing what my mama bought me, I swear I was official
I was the silent dude, still fighting in the school
Liking to be cool, see the girls I liked at the pool

Went from doing back flips in the yard to flipping that hard
Started packing guns and posted on the boulevard
But when I came to know Jesus, life ain't been the same

I came a long ways when I travel down memory lane (Yeah)


Welcome back to pass, relaxing retrospective
When I reminisce about the wonder years, it is refreshing

No regretting, running 'round the house, I was a super hero
G.I. Joe and Transformers, Michael Jackson, Captain Neo
Yo, my people brought me up in Christ and paved the way for ministry

Installing pride inside of me while learning Black History
A mystery, I grew up in the hood but not a gangsta
Was never rich but had a loving family and I'm thankful

East side Oklahoma City yeah that was my habitat
I travel back, recapping on my past with this nostalgic rap
To add to that, the north side is where I lived the rest of it

The ups and downs of life taught me a lesson and I cherish it
God is molding me and yes He's brought me from a long way
The yesterday of yester years look forward to some brighter days

And I shall pray for God to keep me on the straight and narrow way
Reflecting on the days I paved, this brother's memory lane


That's it bro.

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