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SMILEY-D lyrics : "Make It Through ft. Travis Macedo"

I said we can make it through


Everything they telling you, it ain't always true.
If you believe and I believe, then we can make it through (Make it through)
We can make it through. If you believe and I believe then we can make it through (2x)

I came in the world with nothing, I'm looking for that something
And if you know me then you'll know that I keep it one hundred

It's only getting harder, my dreams are getting farther
And I'm barely holding on to keep my head above the water
I just wish that it will come 'cause I been feeling stuck

I'm running out of luck and it's never been enough
But that's all about to change, I'm 'bout to catch a plane
They used to call me lame now they want to call my name

But I don't do it for the fame, I do it for myself
And if I got my family, I don't need nobody else
I don't need your help and I don't need your sympathy

'Bout to play this music to the world like a symphony
Now that I'm becoming everything they said I'll never be
Now that I am seeing everything they said I'll never see

Yeah, I gotta get it by any means. I can make it through, and live my dreams


Smiley D
(Naw. Yeah. We can make it through. Smiley D fam)

I know it's hard to make through when failure is all they see in you
Surrounded by hatred and people don't believe in you
Gifts come from about and God put that seed in you

So have faith and rise above because that's what achievers do
I know it's hard to see but something is a part of me
And sometimes my mind says that it's too far to reach

Aye but faith is the substance of things
Hoped for and the evidence of things not seen
Yeah them haters know what's up 'cause both of us close to touch

The sky with God on our side them doors open up
Naw it ain't easy 'cause believing takes the most of us
Emotions make us doubt 'cause it seems we're not close enough

I made it out the jungle where haters try and hold you back
And got the nerve to smile in your face, now how low is that?
But keep pressing forward 'cause soon it'd be worth your while

And don't let them steal your joy 'cause waking up is worth a smile


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