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Who is this Bowser all about, keeps sending Koopa Troopas out
He's sending letters in the mail, I think I'll swing him by his tail. (His tail he wails)

He's a Koopa, and a Turtle.
An evolved form, of a Squirtle?

He lives in the, Mushroom Kingdom
He's a big jerk, and he's real dumb.

Always kidnaps, princess toadstool.
Wait minute, guess that's cool.

The Mushroom Kingdoms getting bored, of the almighty Koopa Lord
He does the same things every time, he's not exactly in his prime. (His prime the slime)

He don't like us, cause we're plumbers
He killed Yoshis, in the summer

Did you know he's, got a Mohawk
Growls and roars, cause he can't talk

Can't believe he, ate a Goomba
Did you know he, plays the tuba!

And now I think that we should go, you're probably getting bored I know.
And Donkey Kong peed in the sink, oh crap it's really gonna stink. (It stinks can't think)

Donkey Kong, is an Ape
We could fly if, we had capes

And be Metal with a green Block
And be solid, as a rock

Lost our money, up in Reno,
Hope that someday we're on Leno

Or Conan, or Letterman, or Oprah, or Tryra, or Montel, or Ellen, or G4, Or Even, Carson Daily...

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