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SMASH THE STATUES lyrics : "You Can't Handle The Truth"

So now you're 21, you want to join the army
And your ego is as big as your dick should be rigth now
And you dont know what the $#&@'s really goin'on

And you ain't got no point of view, man

They always told you that if you don't get a job

You will be living on those welfare checks for the rest of your life
But now you're grown up and you
Just want to grab a gun and play the ignorant young boy until you die

I still remember that innocent look on your face
You used to be so happy with tin soldiers, toy guns and victims

But now its time to realize
A 100 million victims are a 100 million families distressed

But now you don't know how you really $#&@ed up now
You realize what you were up to now
And now you don't know why

I got through to you somehow
I hope that it won't lose you now
I found you now

It didn't lose you now

When you pick up a gun

The bleeding man you see
Is not the only thing you're killing
Just say no!

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