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SMASH MAN lyrics : "Call Me A Jerk"

You got about a hundred reasons to be callin' me a jerk
It's justified cause I take pride in hurtin' girls I am the worst
I'm the player that these silly tricks can't seem to figure out

Cause I got ways to get the puss' I just know what (*##$es 'bout
Just shower her with compliments for hours til they trust ya
and talk her into !@#^, take the cherry, dammit bust her

Mother$#&@er, got ya, tape it for ya friends to watch
Camcorder in the Laundry basket, !@$( I been bangin' !@#%s
Ever since my self-confidence went thru the $#&@in' roof

Back when I witnessed I'm a hero to our stubborn youth
All I need is one mic and a bottle of Jack
to get a fat chick wet and slam her, breakin' her back

When the $#&@in' bed collapses and her $$# hit the ground
I be laughin' hysterically, %#@!-faced and I pound
the massive body til the sweat drips down every flab

I'd be disgusted right now If I wasn't drastically smashed



Alotta dudes callin' me Jerk cause they girls passin' me digits
I been breakin' fresh relationships cause I called 'em and hit i
these mother$#&@ers don't get it, so I try to make 'em understand

a quick satisfyin' nut is the reason why it was done to them
I don't want your (*##$ to leave you, I ain't that interested
I just need her for a night and after I get that $$# it's

over as far as I'm concerned, grab ya thong and be gone
you got a #~!!@ waitin' back home, hoe you gotta be strong
now don't let the door hit you on your way out

go and make up phony apologies as to why you got plowed
by the Smash hammer, baby, you been a good 30 minutes
but prioritie's calling, it's music and heavy liquids

A (*##$'ll be a (*##$, don't try changin' the fact
she don't let old habits go, she the rabbit thru many hats
I can pop her out like Abra-Cadabra, I want my dick sucked

phone's off, she's gettin' ready to get her %#@! stuffed

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