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SMASH CAST lyrics : "The Higher You Get The Farther The Fall"

The Angels:
Welcome, welcome
recently deceased

Ve you democrat,
Chorus girl or priest

Though you closed up shop
And you're recently departed
We're afraid the final test

has only just started

But don't come to us
with your worries

and complaints

Unnamed girl:
Save it for the doorman
who's a Saint

among saints

The Angels:
He knows your future
'cause he's seen your past

which is why
he might be telling you

Norbert Leo Butz:
Huh, not so fast.

When you're...
Knock, knock, knocking

Up on heaven's gate
don't you trip up
or you'll slip

On a holy twist of fate
as I said last night
to St. Vinny Depaul

The higher you get, the farther the fall
Now, you think
that you're on top

How you love to wear
the crown
But don't you know

that up means
There's no place to go
but down?

And it's already written
on the big man's wall
The higher you get

the farther the fall
Well, the last rites
you've been given

And you wanna cut in line
but look out, brother,
I might pull a switch

Cause the things you did while livin'
Well, they weren't
all divine

And don't you know
that karma is a...
Well, you'll understand if I don't finish that last sentence.


Thank God!


Norbert Leo Butz:

And the judgment day
is near
You'll say "point me
toward the exit, armagettin' out of here!"
'cause when you slide down

well, you can't
come back, y'all
'Cause the you get,
The farther the fall

Was your life
a bed of roses
Well, get ready
for some thorns
Delivered by 'ol Beelzebub

mit pointy tail and horns
like the song that my heart
sang to my cholesterol
the higher you get, ow!
The farther the fall

Now I'm kickin' butt
and takin' names

Higher and higher

Norbert Leo Butz:
'cause even St. Joan
went down in flames

Higher and higher

Norbert Leo Butz:
Some hot stuff!
Napoleon waterlooed and

Genghis Khan sure hit a slump
I might say
"you're fired"
When you have expired,
Donald Trump!
VIPs don't wanna hear it
that they might not

Get inside
But camels through a needle?
Here's the key
And to all those
poor in spirit
Well the doors
are open wide

Go right on in
And have a drink on me

Last call!


Will not get
a whack at the crack of doom

The higher you get, the farther you fall!

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