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SMASH CAST lyrics : "Original Song Medley"

Fade in on a girl
With a hunger for fame,
And a face and a name to remember.

The past fades away
Because as of this day,
Norma Jean's gone.

She's moving on...

Her smile and your fantasies play a duet

That will make you forget where you are.
The music starts playing,
It's the beat of her heart saying:

Let me be your star.

In this factory where dreams can true

Are you ready to make someone new
You're the team that must teach me to do
The 20th Century Fox Mambo

Done the homework and I'll pass the test
I'll do whatever my teachers suggest

I can do it clothed or undressed
The 20th Century Fox Mambo

Make it up, shake it up
Let the fantasies begin
Here's the dope

To get cast, change the past
Make the light just right for Cin-emascope

Someday they'll write lots of books

About our fame and glory

But if all their reports are just movies and sports

They'll be missing the whole story

Cause history is made at night so close the books turn off the light and listen

Let my heart be the teacher

No one here to disapprove

As we review the lessons you've been missing

Let the moon be our only light

Cause history is made at night

When the season's over, the play won't end...)

'Cause a baseball diamond is a girl's best friend!

Yes, my style and my fashion'll

Elevate the national

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