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SMASH CAST lyrics : "Let Me Be Your Star (Extended Intro)"

So another man says that he can't compete
That he can't love a moving target
So another affair gets an incomplete

Well, it's time to adjust my plan

Cause when I'm up there on the silver screen

I can make the whole world want Norma Jeane
So, I can't have the love of one man
But a million or more, well that I can

Fade in on a girl with a hunger for fame
And a face and a name to remember

The past fades away
Because as of this day
Norma Jeane's gone

She's moving on

Her smile and her fantasies play a duet

That will make you forget where you are
The music starts playing
It's the beat of her heart saying

Let me be your star

Flashback to a girl with a song in her heart

As she's waiting to start the adventure
The fire and drive
That make dreams come alive

They fill her soul
She's in control

The drama, the laughter
The tears just like pearls
Well, they're all in this girl's repertoire

It's all for the taking
And it's magic we'll be making
Let me be your star

I'll just have to forget the hurt that came before
Forget what used to be

The past is on the cutting room floor
The future is here with me
Choose me!

Fade up on a star with it all in her sights
All the love and the lights that surround her

Someday she'll think twice
Of the dues and the price
She'll have to pay

But not today!

She'll do all she can

For the love of one man
And for millions who love from afar
I'm what you've been needing

It's all here and my heart's pleading
Let me be your star!

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