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SMASH CAST lyrics : "Don't Say Yes Until I Finish Talking"

[Male Ensemble:]
A studio executive has no beliefs
That's the way of a studio system

We bow to every rear of all the studio chiefs
And you can bet your $$# we've kissed 'em
Even the birds in the Hollywood hills

Know the secret to our success
It's those magical words that pay the bills:
Yes, yes, yes, and yes

[A bunch of scuffling about Darryl Zanuck coming]
[Tom:] Gentlemen! Take a memo.
Today the Trades are all aglow

With grosses for our Miss Monroe
The things those vermin mustn't know
Is what she puts us through

She makes directors wait all day
One line per hour is all she'll say
And still, she thinks we're gonna pay

She needs a talking to
Tomatoes like her must be put in their place
If she don't shape up soon, she'll soon be walking

'Cause the buck stops with me
([Ensemble:] Yes you're right, we agree!)
Uh, don't say yes until I finish talking

She's got them all tied up in knots
Makes each producer faint in plots
She thinks she's queen and calls the shots

As she sits on a throne
She needs to learn she's only skin
The next girl's waiting for a spin

I made a star of Rin Tin Tin
And paid him with a bone
Tomatoes like her

Well, they're easy to find
We throw them out as soon as they start squawking
So, get me some younger dish

([Ensemble:] We concur, as you wish!)
Hey! Don't say yes until I finish talking
And while you got me on a roll

Let's find a role for Nat King Cole
Tell Lankowitz his script is trite
A little lower, to the right

I think that Brando is mis-cast
That television just won't last
That I'm the king of Hollywood

([Ensemble:] All hail the king!)
Oh, that feels good
Which brings me back to that dumb blonde

To her demands, I now respond
Some buy her act, but I'm not conned
You better fall in line

You're too bazooms and nuts to boot
I'll keep you in a bathing suit
When you stop bringing in the loot

Well, go back to the vine
Tomatoes like you
They all whither and die

My powers, though, will never be diminished
So don't bring me to my boiling point
You're just a broad, I own the joint

I'm in control, you're just a face
So allow me to cut to the chase
I'll make another movie star

Can someone light my damn cigarinbr
And then say "yes"
Cause yes, men

I'm finished

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