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SMALL POOLS lyrics : "Dreaming"

I see the place that we've been locked together, together
Like we were something more
And it felt like maybe we could last forever, forever

But you led 'em to our hideout
Forced their way inside, now

They want us to surrender, to surrender
But I could go all night right here
Between their crossfire

We'll send them up a message
I'll send the message
We're saying give it up, give it up

We've got no place to go
Caught up in the rodeo

Oh no, please God tell me we're dreaming
We've got nowhere to run
They've all got loaded guns

Oh no, please God tell me we're dreaming

Wait for the dust to settle down around us, around us

And stick to what we know
I think the air is finally safe to breathe again, to breathe again
The world is in your palm now

So take a breath and calm down
Cause you have been selected, you've been selected
A few will ever find out

And if you don't see why, well
At least you've got your nest egg, you've got your nest egg
So live it up, live it up!

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