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Small Arms Dealer lyrics : "Galactus: Eater Of Worlds"

I've got my heart, they can have the rest
They'll never get what's inside my chest
Because that's where I keep you

I made an oath I don't intend to break
The rest don't mean anything

And it begins to get under my skin
I've got a hunch I'll be paying for my sins
It's just a test but it made a mess outta me

Close your eyes, I don't mind
I'd do the same if I was so inclined

It might be just what I needed
But that's a chance I'm not prepared to take
The rest it seems is everything

A tear rolls down my cheek
And off my chin, it burns like hell

And it tastes like gin, I'm a mess
And it scares the %#@! outta me
Out of me

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