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SMACKIN' ISAIAH lyrics : "Mushmouth"

It's been some time since I heard you say,
"$#&@ off, you $#&@ing scumbag, give me my life back and
let the dog in on your way out."

I try to focus on what I want to say,
but my four sentence diatribes turn into jumbled lies.
Can't I be like Mush Mouth and bull%#@! my way through?

Can't I do anything to make you want me?
Why can't I make plans and be a real man?
We'd play Parcheeze like psychopaths.

I'm not as stupid or $#&@ed up as you think.
I'd be around all the time,
but you'd just throw me aside.

I'd rather go home alone.
It won't be like this for long.

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