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SLIPKNOT : The Opium Of The People lyrics

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SLIPKNOT lyrics : "The Opium Of The People"

watch those idiosyncrasies
Watch all the idiots fall on me
Running out of ways to get out of the way

take another shot just to stay the same
But I need some balence, back it off
Fill your lungs till' it makes you cough

Tell me everythings gonna be alright
'Cause I don't think I'll make it tonight

The only way
Is all the way
The only way

Is all the way
The only way (The only way)
Is all the way (Is all the way)

The only way (The only way)
Is all the way (Is all the way)

Oh, my, god
it's judgement day and im not prepared
Everybody out theres running scared

So let's take a little bit off the top
I don't care just make it stop!

I won't give another soul...to you
I won't give another life...to you


do one thing and say something cryptic
But the styles always clash

one thing i know for sure
Hypathetical won't work anymore

One move open they will pound
My nails, are tight inside my wrists
This sacrament, is sacriledge,

it's sacriledge and sentimental
deity experimental - faith is accidental

I won't give another soul to...you
I won't give another life to...you
I won't give another thought to...you

I won't give anymore of my hope to...you..............

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