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SLIPKNOT : People = Shit lyrics

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SLIPKNOT lyrics : "People = Shit"


Come on down

And see the idiot right here
Too $#&@ed to beg and not afraid to care
Whats the matter with calamity anyway

Right, get the $#&@ outta my face
Understand that i cant feel anything
It isnt like i wanna sift through the decay

i feel like a wound, like a got a $#&@in
Gun against my head, you live when im dead


Everybody hates me now so $#&@ it

Bloods on my face and hands, and i
don't know why
i'm not afraid to cry

But thats none of your business
whose life is it ? Get it See it Feel it Eat it
Spin it around so

I can spit in his face
I wanna leave without a trace
cuz,I don't wanna die in this place

PEOPLE=!#@(! (X4)
(whatcha gonna do)

(cuz im not afraid of you)
(Im everything you´ll never be)

It never stops
You can't be everything for everyone
contagion- im sittin at the side of satan

what do you want from me?
they never told me the failure I was meant to be
overdo it-dont tell me you blew it

stop your (*##$in'
and fight your way through it

come on mother$#&@er everybody has to die

PEOPLE=!#@( (x5)

PEOPLE=!#@( (x4)

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