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SLIPKNOT : Eyeore lyrics

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SLIPKNOT lyrics : "Eyeore"

Meet the man that made me
Greet the can that I came from
Oh the $#&@ing sacred heart of Jesus

Blew it in the back room
Feelin' like a real goon
Slam the $#&@ aside, man

I'm on - you're not

I am the great big mouth

Good riddance - though I'm sad to say
I didn't get to kill you

Rhetoric - Better look both ways
I gotta get an arm through

What the $#&@ is up? Get the $#&@ away
Run if you want to
Innocent? You're a guilty conscience

Laugh last - break through

Prepare you $#&@er

I don't give a %#@!, (*##$

I don't give a $#&@, (*##$
I don't understand, (*##$
You don't matter

I don't give a $#&@, man
I don't give a %#@!, man
I don't really care, man

I'm the super sized man

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