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Slim : Sweet baby lyrics

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Slim lyrics : "Sweet baby"

Da da da da da da da da, this is for my baby oooo ah yea, yea

[Verse 1:]

I want to take this time to tell you how I feel, let you know that my love is real, for ya. And I can't see myself loving no one else, ooo you got my, mind heart and soul I tell ya


Ya love is so immaculate, cherish every moment spent, your heaven sent, oooooo, and I ain't going girl I'm staying, every single day I'm praying, your always be there don't go nowhere


Love everything about my baby, do anything for my baby, lay down my life for my baby, ahh baby sweet baby... Listen girl when you kiss me baby, send chills down my body my baby, I'm gonna love you forever my baby, ahh baby sweet baby

[Verse 2:]

Every touch you give girl you soothe my soul, you complete me girl you make me whole I'll tell ya, you put a smile to my face, oh happy day; it's been nothing but discussion but so suddenly since you came, baby I'll tell you


Ya love is so immaculate...


Love everything about my baby...


You don't ever have to rush when you make love to me, girl you know I like to make love slow and tenderly baby, every time that we do it higher then the sky, I'll do anything for love baby nothing can come between you and I

[Chorus: sing it till it fades out]

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