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Slim : Девочка lyrics

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Slim lyrics : "Девочка"

Everyone wants a Bonnie and Clyde together
the edge of the desert to escape the island
I fly sneakers on the area you're in high heels

in a summer dress Parkhaev somewhere between the houses
about something you dream up in the morning
but staying in bed for another 5 minutes

Call me with him it's worth it
because after the last diet you so stroinaya when you're not wearing me out of the blue
I can fall from the sky, I dreamed of you in the summer ..

But he took and hid with the light, and you Wöhl tail I could see it, I ate a lot of
You went to the house at the dawn of the barefoot club
What all of which are the same as you fashionable

get wet in the queues in front
but you are on the list of VIP guests slip along the corridor
When somewhere in the stomach has butterflies torknulo

is it love, or what is not ..
It's not a coat, not the topic is then
Now to your body prilepaet fine silk!

But in the end what? call, call me!
Call a taxi and come somewhere after the 10ti SW
aed to the drugstore condoms grasp

And we are here nasuetim not in bed ..
Cries the girl in the machine ..
She would have to party hard after not much sleep, but not close this who will say it enough!

And tomorrow in a new dress, it will ignite!

The girl, dark eyes devchonochka _

Come with me, I'll show you rayonchik! The girl, dark devchonochka ochi_!
wears dark glasses and loves donuts!

Do you like Stas Mikhailov and fur
Flew to Italy opustashila someone's account!
It has long been nothing to read, make mistakes in the words I am not weak invigorates your underwear in lace!

Sit in the clouds, glass finishes
karaoke singing lessons, you're drunk
The street is already spring, the dawn is knocking at the window

And in these concrete blocks, you do not Navidi wind blows the roof of the subway, I'm not at first!
while you are running around somewhere in the image of the Queen
I have not stopped the cab gave bouquets!

He was a teddy bear, whom I just was not!
All women are (*##$es sang Irina Allegrova
I do not sing and read and play on the nerves

By the way as Gerda's brother and sister
but if anyone did not know and thought that they had a novel Look into my eyes, I want to say
They have your red light is not yet out! T

lie to me now in a position without a MAZ be gentle with me
I am about the costs involved for the love you clearly Koli Baskov!

The girl, dark devchonochka ochi_! Come with me, I'll show you rayonchik! The girl, dark devchonochka ochi_!
wears dark glasses and loves ponchos

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