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Slim : Вэлкам Ту Центропе lyrics

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Slim lyrics : "Вэлкам Ту Центропе"

This is not Centr - to check out the new album,
Suckers twisted at the end under the old sample.
Here we have in the kingdom of the herd as a percentage

In fact does not solve anything in general.
Everything has a price, and our concern
One got on the scene,

I do not like 50 Cent Black and red Kim Il Sung.
I like Vova in the Kremlin, then sat down on a long hike.
Barefoot in Russia these sounds from cassettes

Soared in the sky is gray, pulling the ticket.
My king has broken your jack
Luck is unlikely you will do on your knees blowjob.

On chrome or sneakers - in the church has the answers.
Ride the comet in the summer,
With the sports package in the retro style

With a wild rap from the natives.
We are here with greetings from the capital of the Soviet Union.

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