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Slim Dusty : Roaring Wheels lyrics

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Slim Dusty lyrics : "Roaring Wheels"

Waiting for that loud whistle shrill
And the black smoke on the hill
When that old black train rolls along again

Steamin for the grade uphill

I got my blankets rolled for the way

And my old guitar to play
You busted all my dreams dont you know
I feel that its time to go

Cause the sun wont do waiting round for you
And Im alone with dreams of long ago

But Ill be free again when I feel
The surge of the roaring wheels


When youre strolling down lovers lane

You may see this old freight train
Taking me away to a brighter day
Where my heart can sing a lighter strain

Ill grab my old guitar when I feel
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So roll along timber train roll along
Let me thrill to your roaring song

Through the mountains grand
Where the tall timbers stand
And the river down below is winding on

Im sorry darling thats all I can say
But its just gotta end this way


Through my window the timber goes by

And the mountain moon rides high
Kind of makes you sad for the things you had
Thats now left in the by and by

Ill keep a movin on till I feel
As free as the roaring wheel

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