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Slim Dusty : Roadliner lyrics

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Slim Dusty lyrics : "Roadliner"

The restless sand blows round my feet
As the big roadliner rolls down the street
Too late to stall would be unfair

Im busting up another love affair
I never meant those words I said
So get that Marianne right out of your head

Im feeling low about myself
Im too uncertain to leave to leave the shells Oh Yeah


Youll say Im crazy youll say Im blind

Her leaving true love far behind
Find someone else wholl love you true
When he says he loves you hell mean it too

When Im explaining Im such a ham
Find more similar lyrics on Thats why Im leaving the way I am

Strike out again for the overland
Youll never know now or understand Oh No


Were moving out were moving on

And the roaring wheels roll out their song
I feel a surge go through my veins
Its open highway once again

Open highway once again
Open highway once again fade out
Open highway once again

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