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Slim Dusty : Only the Two of Us Here lyrics

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Slim Dusty lyrics : "Only the Two of Us Here"

I camped one night in an empty hut
On the side of a lonely hill.
I didn't go much on empty huts,

But the night was awful chill.
So I boiled me billy and had me tea
And made sure that the door was shut.

Then I went to sleep in the empty bunk
By the wall of the old slab shed.

Now it must have been in the middle of the night
When I was feeling cosy and warm
I woke and there at the foot of my bunk

I see a horrible ghostly form
It seemed in shape to be half an ape
With a head like a chimpanzee

And I wondered what it was doing there,
And what did it want with me?

You may say if you please that I had DTs
Or call me a crimson liar,
But I wish you had seen it as plain as me,

With its eyes like coals of fire.
Then it gave a groan such a horrible moan,
That my blood run cold with fear,

And 'There's only the two of us here, '
It said. 'There's only the two of us here!'

I kept one eye on the old hut door
And one on the awful brute;
For I only wanted to dress meself

And get to the door and scoot.
But I couldn't find where I'd left me boots
So I hadn't a chance to clear

And, 'There's only the two of us here, '
it said. 'There's only the two of us here!'

I hadn't a thing to defend meself,
Couldn't find a stick nor a stone,
And 'There's only the two of here!'

It said, again with a horrible moan.
I thought I'd better make some reply,
For I thought that the end was near,

I said "Tarzan old man when I find my boots,
By hell there'll only be one of us here.'

Well I get my hands on me number tens
And out through the door I scoots,
And I lit the whole of the ridges up

With the sparks from me blucher boots.
So I've never slept in a hut since then,
And I tremble and shake with fear

When I think of the horrible brute that moaned,
'There's only the two of us here!'

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