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Slim Dusty : Many Yesterdays Ago lyrics

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Slim Dusty lyrics : "Many Yesterdays Ago"

There was a time when I walked tall
That was many yesterdays ago
When my kingdom was a saddle

And the city way of life I didn't know
Before I knew the burdens and the bondages of living here in town
Before I changed direction, ahh! but that was many yesterdays long gone

There was a time I had a home
But that was many yesterdays ago

My home was west of sundown
Where the waters of the western rivers flow
A home of merry musters on the plains and through the endless burning sands

Where I never had a worry in my world out on the edge of no-mans land


There was a time I had true friends
That was many yesterdays ago

Before my restless feet took me to places
Where a bushman shouldn't go
Places where the spielers take advantage of a country come to town

Oh it's so-called mates are quick to turn their backs and walk away when you are down

There's no time left, my sight is bare,

It could be said my step is getting slow
Oh I can't go back my other home
It's just too many yesterdays ago

But should there be an after-life I'm sure the bloke up there must surely know
And he'll steer me to my old home where the waters of the Cooper come and go

[From his album: “Walk a Country Mile”
Transcribed: Marten Busstra 201]

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