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Slim Dusty : Leaving Only Dust lyrics

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Slim Dusty lyrics : "Leaving Only Dust"

Unsaddle my horse turn him out to feed, this stock camp life is all I needA corned beef stew from a musters cook, born with a ready to fight ya lookWhen you're musterin' cattle and battlin' flies, through country where those dead men lieNot a bad life when you boil it down, sure it beats that atmosphere in townSun has burned you black out in the scrub, and visions relate to the Birdsville pubWhere stockmen drovers and jackaroos, tell bloody lies and stretch the newsWatchin' bullocks on the camp at night, yang yang horses mean and tightChuck steak and onions billy can tea, brings more of the bushman out of meYodel/Guitar soloThe smell of leather that gidgee tang, curlews screamed as the horse bells rangThere's nothin' like takin' on a drovin' trip, or comfort and swing of a Scobie whipWhen mobs of years start to break you down, how often those memories call aroundThey never dim with age corrode or rust, so I'll fade from sight leavin' only dustSo I'll fade from sight leavin' only dustYodelFrom the CD "Ramblin' Shoes" - Vol2 1980 - 2000, Barcoo Bill

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