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Slim Dusty : Carry my Own Guitar lyrics

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Slim Dusty lyrics : "Carry my Own Guitar"

I'm leavin' that's true,
Got some livin' to do,
And it's so ole thumb of mine,

It's goin' to travel me far,
I'm as free as the wind,
It's all about to begin,

As I carry my own guitar.

You can follow the times,

You can just climb and climb,
Your life gets fast girl,
Like your big shiny car,

I'm tied to ole lady luck,
Aboard this old silly truck,
That's goin' to carry me and my old guitar.

And as we roll out of town I'm feelin' free,
Oh, that country breeze,

It's caressing me,
So long to you,
Back in your home of the blues,

I'm now a travellin' man,
On gravel or tar,
I got a big land to see,

And many others, maybe,
As I carry my own guitar.


And as we roll out of town I'm feelin' free,

There's just the driver, my guitar and me,
I'm a-shoutin' tonight,
What I'm doin' is right,

And those city lights,
Are now a distance stars,
Hey there's the freeway sign,

That's a promising good time,
As I carry my own guitar.

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