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Slim Dusty : By a Fire of Gidgee Coal lyrics

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Slim Dusty lyrics : "By a Fire of Gidgee Coal"

By a warm electric heater
In a softly padded chair
In a lounge room brightly lighted

By a glowing chandelier
Since my early days of drovin'
The years have taken toll

But I somehow miss my swag wrap
By a fire of Gidgee coal

When I wake from sleep each morning
And ring the bedside bell
The maid brings in my breakfast

And she fills my pipe as well
There are cakes and sweetened coffee
On a tray of sparkling gold

But I miss black tea and damper
By a fire of Gidgee coal


I'm driven out each evening

By a chauffeur spruce and neat
Through the flowered parks and gardens
And the crowded city streets

But I drift back through the ages
While the big car softly rolls
To a stock route and a wagonette

And a fire of Gidgee coal

I attend all social parties

In the rich parts of town
Drinking wine from fancy glasses
As the waiters go their rounds

But I'd rather share a bottle
With those drovin' mates of old
In a pair of dusty moleskins

By a fire of Gidgee coal.

In a pair of dusty moleskins

By a fire of Gidgee coal.

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