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SLADE : Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here) lyrics

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SLADE lyrics : "Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)"

Ev'rybody needs a by the sea affair
Where you get the urge from something in the air

Helter Skelter on a mat "Kiss me Quick" is on my hat
and you do it on the ghost train for a dare

Wishing you were here same as ev'ry year
'cos our summer madness is too short

Wishing you were here Where the sunshine's near
Is it true that wishes can be bought

Ev'rybody needs the moonlight on the beach
Where the water's cold and no one hears you screech
Getting buried in the sand what you holding in your hand

let it go or else I'll keep it out of reach

The last night you dressed to kill

Will you write? You say you will
sometimes hopes just fade away

Ev'rybody needs to have a sea romance
When the world around just doesn't stand a chance
Candy floss stuck on your nose and you donkey's name was Rose

What's this cheek to cheek in ev'ry single dance

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