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SLADE : Knuckle Sandwich Nancy lyrics

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SLADE lyrics : "Knuckle Sandwich Nancy"

(Holder & Lea)
A bunch of fives hit me in the jaw
I was out, put me on the floor, oh no

Once you were tried with GBH
Now I'm not just a pretty face, oh no


(C'mon) Nancy beat me up

(C'mon) Nancy bring me round
(C'mon) A knuckle sandwich knocked me down, down, down
(C'mon) Nancy picked me up

(C'mon) From a left to right
(C'mon) A knuckle sandwich put me out like a light

You don't hit a man with his glasses on
This is what you call having fun? Oh no
I ended up with a briken nose

They're not so big when they're on their own, oh no

Chorus R E P E A T

Let'em fight
Knocked me down, down, down, down, down

Knock me down
Knock us out (6 times)
Ooh you're knocking me out

Well you're knocking me out, yeah

Hurl your fists and get down to a knee

She said 'Hey there mate are you lokking at me?' Oh no
'Or are you looking at Nancy' she said
All I learnt was a kick in the head in bed

Chorus R E P E A T (2 times)

[ad lib and fade]

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