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SKYLAR GREY : Twisted lyrics

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SKYLAR GREY lyrics : "Twisted"

[Verse 1: Skylar Grey]
He's had that stone face, as if I'm not here
Can't you see that I've been crying?

I didn't know you'd be insane
Dreams can be so deceiving
You're an itch I can't reach

A wound that won't heal
The smell of skin that's burning
I didn't know you'd be insane

But it's true, and just say all I am to you

[Pre-Hook: Eminem]

Is a pain in my neck, thorn in my side
Stain on my blade, blood on my knife
Been dreaming of her, all of my life

But she won't come true, she's just my nightmare I woke up to

[Hook: Skylar Grey]

She's twisted, he's a lover, she's set, he's hard to handle
The worst part of all is he just don't care
She's twisted like a rope, that is wrapped around his throat

But the worst part of all is she really don't give a
(She don't give a %#@!)

[Verse 2: Skylar Grey and Eminem]
Sometimes I wish that you'd just die

Cause I'm too afraid of leaving
I didn't know you'd be insane
Dreams can be so deceiving

(How did it come to this?
Why do I fantasize to kill you when you're sleeping?)
I didn't know you feel the same

When I say you're no good
All you are to me

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: Yelawolf]

Love ain't no fairytale, love is a buried nail
Inside of this heart of stone, so you wanna get married? Well
Romeo, Romeo, smokin' blow with Antonio

In the back alley takin' shots of whiskey and only gold
Juliet's at the nudie bar, doin' God only knows
Neither one of 'em came to see the dog and the pony show

But a (*##$ is a (*##$, and a horse is a horse
And I'm sorry I can't afford to get your daddy's old Porsche painted
Sorry Juliet that you embedded the sayin'

If a dollar makes you holler then I'm gettin' the short change of it
Feel like I've been asleepin' alone and lovin' this angel
Tangled between a dream and a coma

Walkin' the edge of this cliff, like a sheep to it's owner
Then wake up to this $#&@in' (*##$ with an evil persona
Now if you say that you hate somebody and you livin' with them

Then they pack up and leave and you (*##$ about how you miss 'em
You gotta see the pattern of the blood all over the steerin' wheel
Love is a cannibal ridin' a carnival carousel

'Round and 'round we roll, where it stops, baby nobody knows
Some people go crazy and they lose control
Some people jump off, some people won't let go

Some people say love, some people say why
Some people don't love, they just want a free ride
The rain won't stop, it'll never dry

If she's in the house of pain then love is standin' outside


Maybe I'm a twisted one that screwing this up

So I guess this means Goodbye, for now

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