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SKYLAR GREY : Final Warning (Remix) lyrics

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SKYLAR GREY lyrics : "Final Warning (Remix)"

Wait, stop, you think it'll be me?
That's cute, but this ain't that easy.
The truth never is that pleasing,
That's life, baby, ain't no reason,

To pick up a pick up and drive it away,
Speeding at eighty right into a lake,
Return broken, muddy face,

Frame weighed down by doubt and hate.

Mourn the mornings, "U" come down,
Cup of coffee meets your frown,

Pass the sugar, call me trash,
Throwing stone hearts in a glass,

House, not enough,
you look past me, you distrust,
Like I pass through walls, a phantom,

Like we last made love in ashes,
of diminishing flames.

Pass the blame.
Undo all the ropes,
Just to tie a noose again.

Silent nights, crazy dawns,
Spit upon the halcyon,

Play house, fake a home
Inside an empty Babylon.

Only see what you don't need,
Transparent blood I bleed,
I'm a keeper of the dead,

Brittle hearts and single beds.

Now you're screaming off your head,

No, don't you dare ignore it,
And right before I'm out the door,
You say,


(Verse 2)

"Hey lovely, do you love me,

Be honest, speaking of me,"
Is what you whisper in my ear,
Every time you hug me.

Good, bad and ugly,
But you lost the first one quick,

Bad and ugly screwed each other over,
Had some bad kids:

Paranoia, dispute.
The fruits of your despair,
Have me hanging destitute,
From a root on a crumbling,

Precipice, I'm pressing this pessimist down,
You're a chrysalis of what I knew,

And I refuse to drown because of you,
You don't leave me breathless anymore,
No, I'd rather die neckless,

You're a noose,
Made of jewels,
Posing as a pretty necklace.

And we've both felt this,
Death wish on repeat,
You are killing what you need,

Good afternoon, I plan to leave,
Rediscovering my legs,

At the door, I turn instead,
And you're cradling your head,
Now how can I ignore it?

So I shut the door,
And then I say:



Already, tables turn,

A forgiving heart spurned,
Built a bridge to move on,
But a hundred left to burn,

So what's a second chance,

To a third strike.
Waste your third chance in the afterlife.


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