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Skepta : Frisco Freestyle lyrics

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Skepta lyrics : "Frisco Freestyle"

Whoever said money won't change you
Tell em you'll sell your soul for a price

[Verse 1 - Skepta]
When you looking at Skepta

You looking at a canary, wolf and a gherkin
Then never mention me when they talking about London
^!$$%, I'm murkin. Sitting in my bedroom

Smoking so much weed that my chest is hurting
On a [email protected]$^o website watching a sexy Latina squirting
How can a man owe me money but when I call him

He don's answer my calls?
No less than Section 18 when I catch them fools!
I don't care if he's got a screw loose cause that ^!$$%

Ain't got no tools. I don't care if he's got
A baseball bat, that #[email protected] ain't got no balls
You can't educate me I'm an old school drug dealer

Walk through the driving rain for cling film and a Ribena
Took the ball from one ends to the other like Maradona at Argentina
I used to $#&@ with the landlord in the dark

For Magic Johnson fever
Nowadays I got so many ladies
With a million complexions: black, like Tinie

When it comes to G-Shocks I got a crazy collection
Trainers at my house that I ain't worn since Obama won the election
My flow's so sick MC's trying to find our how I got the infection


[Verse 2 - Skepta]
My name rings bells in the UK - trust me
I make them jingle. But they love me all over

The world cause my style is so bilingual
I told them already I'm a star and I don't need
A label to make me twinkle

? are relentless wondering "where the $#&@ are the fans
That bought the single?!"
"Knock knock, who's there? ^!$$% is, ^!$$% is who?

^!$$% is Karma" My mom told me if anybody punches me in the face
Punch them back harder!
Last October I got caught on camera with no balaclava at a club

Now community service: trying to turn Skepta into a gardener
Women wanna know why I see life in one dimension
I'm just trying to be a good man, living in a world full of bad intentions

I pick up the phone and I check my Twitter page
I see the devil in my mentions
I try to phone home but it's like my ^!$$% ain't got no reception

I really feel like letting some skeletons out the wardrobe
Can I get a witness? I want to say so much
But I know business is business

And now that I'm on your playlist
I ain't trying to get put back on the hitlist
Back in the streets of North London, dipping in and out of tea

With a biscuit

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