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SIX FEET UNDER : When Skin Turns Blue lyrics

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SIX FEET UNDER lyrics : "When Skin Turns Blue"

Your death, your blood, your life, you re dead
To the death- slit your neck- dark, dark demons haunt
The death- in death, demons haunt

The heart pumps then it stops
Flow through your life then you drop
Blood- the blood- in blood, dark demons haunt

The very blood that runs through you
It's time to die when your skin turns blue
Your skin turned blue you breathed your last breath

Rotten in the crypt is your next step
Friend with the maggots in your head
Bleed again and again- die you re dead

Feel it dripping- feel the drip, formaldehyde you re prepared
for the crypt
But it's cold, in the grave, in my tomb

When skin turns blue you ll know your time is through
You re dead inside of you crawl back into the womb
God damn-you

God damn- my soul
God damn- you
God damn- all of you

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