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SIX FEET UNDER : Ugly lyrics

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SIX FEET UNDER lyrics : "Ugly"

Ugly inside, ugly outside
I can't stand to hear their screams, it's all like some kind of
terrible dream

I close my eyes and I start to drip in sweat
When the lights go out I dream of death!
I wake up and see the blood, then I remember what I have done

I closed my eyes and then I kill- kill- kill
When I woke up they were all $#&@ing dead!
You are so ugly you deserve to die- you deserved to die

Crawl inside that ugly brain of yours and I ll get inside my
ugly brain
A twist of fate a twist of the blade- the choices we make, we

dig our own graves
A twist of fate a twist of the blade, beauty they say is only
skin deep

We dig our own grave, a twist of the blade- I ll dig your
We re ugly inside- ugly outside

10 dead bodies just a rotting away- I got em all propped up
next to me, in my room
A chopped-off leg a popped-out eye I hope you are the next to

I feel the ugliness- I hear your screams

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