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SIX FEET UNDER : The Murderers lyrics

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SIX FEET UNDER lyrics : "The Murderers"

It's all $#&@ed up
Let's $#&@ it up
The murderers, the murderers will find you

Try to hide you'll bleed long and die slow
Murderers are strong we kill in numbers
On a machete attack, a machete attack

Taught to kill to kill and kill again - your
Cornered like a trapped rat in the pen - now
I'll watch you die - no, it doesn't bother me see

I just laugh and spit in the face of the enemy
We come to kill tonight we come to kill you

In everyway the grim death has now found you
Burn, burn try to burn yourself to escape us
Find your carred body, cut your throat and drink your hot

Across the planet a shadow has eclipsed us
Death seeks the light and then it just engulfs it

Like a pig feeding off it's own %#@!, sick!

We come to kill and burn and $#&@ing rip it!

Rip through a world of ignorance, destroy the incompetents
Suffocate the ones against

An unnatural death - that's what they should expect
A painful end
Well just take it back, on a machete attack

The Murderers
I live to kill, I'm plotting deaths like a terrorist
On our way to the next place to murder at

Attack the unsuspecting like cattle in a slaughterhouse
Feed them with truth
Fattened-up for the kill

The Murderers

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