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SIX FEET UNDER : Necrosociety lyrics

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SIX FEET UNDER lyrics : "Necrosociety"

I'm gonny poison the population
Gonna plan myself an $$#assination
On the hunt to kill again - I plan to butcher the planet

I'm like the cold hand of Death
Reaching out to snatch the next
And when I'm through with them

Mother$#&@er you're the next $#&@ing victim

In this necrosociety

In my necrosociety

I'll turn you all into blood sucking freaks

Those who won't turn - Meat!
Feed to bleed to kill to live to die afraid
Of what I can do to you

The savior of mankind
The cause of world-wide homicide
Fall to your knees and pray to me

My knife will get you free

In this necrosociety

In my necrosociety

I'm gonna murder everyone on earth

And when your dead I'm gonna kill myself

Murder mankind murder mankind

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