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SIX FEET UNDER : My Hatred lyrics

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SIX FEET UNDER lyrics : "My Hatred"

I only kill when I can't keep them four days and then I sleep
To the grave that's right (*##$, uh huh

You ll know I'm there when I follow turn around I'm behind
I'm in the shadows close, so close I've almost got you

Doomed to the end dead from the beginning
That's right hear what the $#&@ I'm saying
I can't think straight I'm gonna break, break down

You can't escape you re gonna die slow now
It's all a part of my master plan
Everyone ends up dead in the end

Hell yeah
What the $#&@ you gonna do now, huh?- pray to a God that isn't
there? No

Fall to your knees and die for me- I have the cure for your
Christian disease
I live this life to kill, homicidal

And now you lie dead with your Bible
Choke on your $#&@ing cross mother$#&@er
I hope your soul is lost forever

Nothing will change in me- nothing will ever change
Nothing will change in you- nothing will ever change
We re surviving on hatred, we re surviving on hate

Nothing will ever change my hatred

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