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SIX FEET UNDER : Into The Crematorium lyrics

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SIX FEET UNDER lyrics : "Into The Crematorium"

Stick the needle in
Withdraw of blood begins
Injecting noxious liquid

Into the body of a victim
Lying on the table
A scalpel by my side

Slicing through intestine
Just to eat it's contents

A sickening way of life

That has brought me pleasure

Dominating human beings
Experimenting on their bodies
Carving out their vital organs

Cutting off their faces
Burrowing through their tissues
$#&@ing them after death

I want to be inside you

A sickening way of life

Splitting human bone
The heart and lungs now removed

Cold and decomposing
Blood now black and clotting
The coroner controls and rapes you

Dead on the $#&@ing table
And pieces scattered, once whole
Begin to dissolve and mold

The blood has been drained, the body disposed
Into the crematorium

Reduced to your bones and crushed into dust
Flames burning through life and releasing
A spirit of evil will rise and remain

Indebted to me now forever enslaved

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