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SIX FEET UNDER : Fragment lyrics

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SIX FEET UNDER lyrics : "Fragment"

You're split in half, twisted stiff,
And broken dead, now broken dead

You took my life and caused death,
Though I still live, a fragment of...
My former self, this rotten corpse

- a fragment of my life,
This fragment of hate,
A fragment of yourself...

My dying soul now rots alive inside a
Broken shell, a mortal waste - the human

Degradates - now locked inside, locked
Inside...this filthy grave...
Locked inside this filthy grave,

A filthy grave - an empty hole

In this filthy hole, in this empty grave!

You're split in half

Twisted stiff and broken dead, now broken

Dead. You took my life and caused my

Death, though I still live...a fragment

Of my former self this rotten corpse...

A fragment of, this fragment of...

My former self this rotten corpse...

A fragment of, a fragment of

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