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SISTER HAZEL : Work In Progress lyrics

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SISTER HAZEL lyrics : "Work In Progress"

I am sick
I'm annoyed
You know I'm nasty

And I'm incomplete
I am angry
I am lost

Yeah I'm heard as stone
I am sober
I am worried and I'm disgusted

I am lonely I am scared
And It's crushing me

You say "what is worry?"
(What is worry?)

Yeah you say who Belong Belong Belong Belongs
Well you say "If it matters."
(If it matters)

Well tell me I'm not dead
Cause I'm goin' crazy

I'm a mess such a mess
I'm a coward and a hypocritical sinner
like a (*##$in' politician

But my aim is true
I am tense and intentional
I'm passionate to a fault

I am open I'm a work in progress

Well tell me that I'm worried

Oh tell me I belong belong belong belong
Tell me that I matter

Well tell me I'm not dead
Because I'm goin' crazy

Well I'm hung up on the past
Finished up a nice idealistic

In case you missed it later
A self mutilator
Killin' time procrastinator

Well I worry about my health
Trippin' on myself Idealistic
In case you missed it


Well I'm a wreck
Such a wreck
And I'm a martyr and a perpetual loser

Not a Sigfried Oprah Winfrey
But I do mean well
And I am tense and intentional

I am passionate to a fault
And I am open
I'm a work in progress

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