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SISTER HAZEL : Fortress lyrics

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SISTER HAZEL lyrics : "Fortress"

It's bitter
Tastes a lot like winter

And will it- release me

So heavy

How much more to bring down the levy
And kill me - don't kill me


I've been stayin' high...

And I've been feelin' sorry
For myself
And I've been resurrecting my

Fortress to protect myself


Tired, beaten, worn down and tattered
Can you-even hear hear me?
What do you expect out of me

I'm being buried alive and screaming
Can't you see - Can't you see me ?



My hands slapped I'm cautious and leary
Of tryin' - oh but I'm tryin'

How am I to figure it out
All alone I've been kickin' around
Without my home - I'm so lost...


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