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Simple Minds : Murder Story lyrics

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Simple Minds lyrics : "Murder Story"

You say to me things should soon be alright
I get so scared if I don't get out at night
The questions real

The answer so false
I just can't cope no more with this rate of pulse

I lost my past
I gave it away
I feel so insecure

I couldn't take another day
Please be kind
Don't call me no wreck

My nerves are very live you know
But soon they're going to break

No Oh No
Another Murder Story
No Oh No

Another Murder Story

So don't come too close

I can't stand the heat
I get nightmares of places people go to meet
It's so apparent when I walk in the door

That I'm all alone
There's no one home and no one wants me anymore
So claustrophobic if I stand I one place

This state of mind I'm in is positively quite a disgrace
The children from the street call out my name
"Hey You"

It's all so mutual but you know
I just don't want to share no fame

No Oh No
Another Murder Story
No Oh No

Another Murder Story
No Oh No
Murder Story

No Oh No
No Oh No

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