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Shwayze : High Together lyrics

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Shwayze lyrics : "High Together"

If you got the weed
I got the pipe

We ca get high together all night
If you got the weed I got the light
We can get high together all night

9:45 work start at 10
So it look like I'm callin in sick again

Id rather get some herbs
And kick it with my friends
hit the beach

And treat it like a weekend
Me n jin ain't really speakin
so baby girl come over this instant

Got a new ride so $#&@ the speed limit
I live by the w's weed n women
I live on the beach down the street from cheech

I cant buy you a drink and its not that I'm cheap
I'm just broke ma to let you know
But somehow I always got some weed to smoke

And if I don't ill still get you high
With my love under the moon sky
21 years young gota limited time

Cuz we livin to die
So I'm livin it right


It was saturday

Took her to a play it was the matinae
I didn't even pay her
The daddy say that he don't like my ways

All because I hit 3 times a day dropped her off late with a sticky face
So a kiss on the cheek is your mistake
Drivin down PCH with a smile on my face

And a blunt in my ash tray cute chick on my side and the $$# is great
Almost outa gas so we hit the bank
Ain't been payed so I told her thanx

When she lent me the card and filled my tank
Yeah she in the sceen yada yada
With the subi jeans sidekick and the purse

Alexander my queen I got ripped t-shirt
And some brand new kicks but you know they ain't clean


High together all night

[chorus x2]

High together all night [x3]

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