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SHERRY LYNN : Wrong Train lyrics

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SHERRY LYNN lyrics : "Wrong Train"

Wrong Train
Bob Dewald

You come walking in here
Like a runaway train
You better cool that engine down

Cause I've been there done that
And baby you're no where bound
Back from the west coast

Where's your pot of gold
Baby was it worth the cost
Now you want to start picking up

Where you left off
You better stop what you're doing

Boy keep on moving
Whatever you're thinking
You're wasting your time

Don't bother waiting
Pull out of this station
Cause I ain't going your way

I'm on the right track
And baby you're the wrong train (Ooh Ooh Baby you're the Wrong Train)

You said you had friends in LA
You were only gonna stay awhile
Well I guess those California girls

Were more your style
Now you're coming at me
With a full head of steam

Blowing dust across the floor
Well you must be dreaming
Cause I ain't climbing aboard


ooh ooh?There's nothing left to say
ooh ooh?I'm a bridge that you burned
Oh no? I don't need another heartache

You're one lesson I've already learned
(Breakdown chorus)

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