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SHEÏNA : Não Aguento lyrics

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SHEÏNA lyrics : "Não Aguento"

Verse 1 :
Sitting here, looking around me
Everything reminds me of you

I've never felt so empty, since fate has taken life from you
I can't believe that, I end up alone and you're forever gone
Why did you leave me?

Who will I give my love to?
Tell me how could this be?
Never imagine living without you

It hurts now, feels like a nightmare come true
Can't stand it one second more

Refrain :
Não, não aguento (Te amo)
Não aguento (Baby volta)

Não, não aguento (Desta vida sem ti)
Não aguento (Sempre no meu coração)

Verse 2 :
Trying to get over your loss
I'm wondering how should I, survive now that we are not

I'm slowly dying inside
My heart is so heavy, it's killing me softly
I can't live with this pain no more

Please somebody help me


Verse 3 :
I wanna join, you up there

We'll meet out somewhere
Feel you again
We'll be together 'till the end

Não, não aguento (Não aguento mais)

Não aguento (Esta dor)
Não, não aguento (Volta baby, volta pra mim)
Não aguento

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