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Sheek, Sheek Louch
Ya, ya, ya yo

Put your mother $#&@ing hands up!
Put your mother $#&@ing hands up!

..my eighty %#@! coming through the club with my pants slow
Chains to my dick head?
OK flow, pound on my nose bone

? Patron, .. about to put the roof on
?lay back, better spit your?
Yeah, them sharks popping out the?

Hoodie on, I'm in the bushes with the?
Hey yo? but the stone is been?
Magnifying glass on the game, I see paper!

Send the (*##$ on the VI, a few balloons to cheer my?
I can't do my?
Got a lot of? like who your ?

Make rap !@$@s drink they're own piss like?
I'm a? ain't nothing like?
?it's the pinky ring like my?

Pictures won't please the ?
Watch you which way is?
?my (*##$ to the left

in the gym like I'm trying to fight ?
In the studio locked them.. and you ain't heard of us
I want a ? and some !@$@s in red

..leg, leg, arm and a head
I'm like a thing out of?

Get the house jumping like gospel while I'm still digging you
Bruce Lee? game
?for you to acknowledge the work for my?

Twenty thousand ? you is my brother
Dude, they cut you a deal for?
And you don't even want?

I heard she smacking over the head with a miller!
Watch his face ? open this cheek bone
Wait for you to come home

Clap out your?
This ain't no kitchen, !@$@s is grown..
!@^%s got great shown, this?

Like how's my day going?
..sixty shots showing.
Pictures all around ?constantly we blowing

? get ready for this, put a bird back on its?
Hey yo, we're.. shooting at police
Bad (*##$ got the car running, just go East

..commission ..you already left one model dead
High speed chasing, channel seven news?
Black windows getting blown up by a few?

I got my finger in my cheek right
Order me a?

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