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SHAWTIEEBABE lyrics : "Fallen Angel"

And I've been goin' through hell
caught in a vicious spell,

blinded by the lie, crossbow string but it fell.
I'm feeling so alone, I think I'm bout' to explode,
system overload

Born on a day set prior to a death date

Who would have knew
Angels can be deceived to crookedness too
She lived a good life,

Despite so many struggles
Her ignorance was bliss
Happy living for twelve years then

Her wings flew away
Lost and Fallen to temptations
Family separations, divided by greed

Money that can't even feed
She sees it all, hears it all
Can't take it anymore

Wondering what good is it to live for
Young and naive,
they took her innocence away

Lied that they will stay
One after the other,
The same bull story told

She listened but her heart grew cold
Her soul was sold
An angel no more

Sins down to the core
Every second, every minute
Poisons in her veins,

The alcohol drains
The buzz keeps her sane,
Toxins in and out her lungs

She's dying inside,
Slowly, committing suicide
The world she once loved,

She grew to hate so much.


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