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SHAWN DESMAN : Bubble Bath (Interlude) lyrics

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SHAWN DESMAN lyrics : "Bubble Bath (Interlude)"

[Girl:] "Hello"

[Shawn:] "Yo what's up girl, what's up girl what u doin? "

[Girl:] "Wats up"

[Shawn:] "So, ah, are you gonna come over or are we goina hang out or what? "
[Girl:] "Why what's goin' on? "

[Shawn:] "You know I'm just here all by myself, you know I don't like being by myself"

[Girl:] "Ya, well if I come over what are we going to do? "

[Shawn:] "You know I thought we'd just watch a movie maybe take a bubble bath, you know what I'm sayin'"

[Girl:] "Ya, that sounds kinda hot still"

[Shawn:] "Alright then, why don't you make you'r way over? "

[Girl:] "Ya, alright I'll be over in a minute Chris"


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