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SHARPEYEE SHAAK : A Living Thing That Can Think And Hurt' lyrics

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SHARPEYEE SHAAK lyrics : "A Living Thing That Can Think And Hurt'"

Verse I:

Don't think that I'm blind,

Just because I don't see you with anyone else..
Don't think that I'm dumb,
Even if I did no say anything, it doesn't mean I haven't known..


If you're thinking that I'm stupid and clueless,
I want to tell you one thing..


You might have forgotten that I'm a living thing

Who can think and hurt just like you..
You might have forgotten that I have a brain and a heart,
That I was born and will die like you..

If you still care about me,
Please reconsider how I'll be..

Verse II:

Don't think I can't hear you,

The words you tell on someone else..
Don't ever think that I don't understand,
Like I don't use the same language as you..

(Repeat Refrain then Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

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