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SHARISSA : I Can't Wait lyrics

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SHARISSA lyrics : "I Can't Wait"

Yeah, Yeah, yeah,yeah [x4]

[Chrous: x2]

I can't wait another minute
Can it be love boy are you willin
Give us tha chance we need cause I love was meant to be ya know

[Verse 1:]
We have arguments your in and out what's that about

I can't go on like this lets fix this relationship baby
Cause lately the stories been gettin out around the town
We're having problems babe I want us to work it out so let me know

[Chrous x2]

[Verse 2:]
Fellas callin you to hang out all the time
Why can't you be with me instead of out in the streets ooh ooh

Now I've been waiting patiently for ya love
Why does it always seem your just confusing me
Oh I don't know

Over and over we fuss and fight
All I wanna do is make it right

Can't you see we should be together
Come on now

[Chorus x2]

If this love is true I promise to make it just right, right


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