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SHANE OGREN : I Love Economics lyrics

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SHANE OGREN lyrics : "I Love Economics"

I said I love economics
And electronics

I guess I'm a nerd because I kill it at Dartmouth
I'm the smartest, party hardest
I'm usually honest but I'm not very modest

I love graphin, doing math and
Skipping class and I also love rapping
I'm outstandin, no misunderstandin

I love economics, supply and demandin

[VERSE 1:]

The aggregate supply relation I know it no hesitation
Output price interpretation and easy implementation
My minds racing, faster higher than Iranian interest rates and

I know I'm not an expert but it's probably because of inflation
Yea, I like to watch Netflix after my class, that I passed
when my mom sees my grades she gasps, citations comin pretty fast

Black Tuesday and the stocks were looking low
The great depression oh no, Monetary expansion like whoa
Yea I just looked up all that stuff on Wikipedia

Scams, schemes, and broken dreams, America is greedy huh
Well I torrent all my music and movies
Capitalism can sue me, I'll just tell them that I'm Looney


[VERSE 2:]
Oil prices keep rising, falling down is endowment
from OPEC in the 70s to China in the 2000s

In class i don't take notes i just remember anything important
my brain is like a big sponge because its so absorbent
Ok, now lets get back to some macro

Decrease the budget deficit and the interest rate will drop low
To the floor, and my flow is pretty dope
Its getting better and I'm going up just like the AS slope

Yea you know as oil prices grow output comes to a slow
CPI gets high and GDP gets low
I love economics because i love the cash flow

Tryin to get on the level of that Slim dude Carlos


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