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Shane Dawson : Who's That Bitch lyrics

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Shane Dawson lyrics : "Who's That Bitch"

Back from the liquor store
Dressed up like a hoe

Dancing real sexy
Lots of drunk texting
Alone on a Friday night, no boyfriend tonight we got into a fight

Now baby I just wanna drink
Maybe some some weed
Start talking to my cat

Get naked on Ichat because baby I don't care
Watching romantic movies, piercing my own boobies.
Who's that (*##$? I'm that (*##$.

Inviting in a hobo, doing our hair and nails.
Who's that (*##$? I'm that (*##$
Oh, I don't care tonight imma find a new guy

Someone who isn't hung like a toddler
My head is hurting I think I should go to bed
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

I'm tired of acting crazy just because I hate you baby
Who's that (*##$? I'm that (*##$
Just call me Helen Keller because I ain't gonna ever see you again

Stupid (*##$!

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